In 2003, Barry was one of four winners of Emeril Live's "Pie Contest", please try the recipe for "Southwestern Taco Pot Pie" below and for the best taste always use the fresh peppers and onions!

General Cooking Instructions:

On the Grill: When the Bear-Man grills, he prefers to use Lump Charcoal (all natural charred wood, no fillers). But we know that many of you use gas grills, and that’s good too! He also prefers the indirect heat method. This means that the heat source (whether charcoal or gas) is on one side of the grill and the meat is placed on the opposite side of the grill.

General grilling instructions: Rub meat with Tummy Rub (see directions below). Cook until desired doneness. To avoid burning, do not add sauce until the end of cooking. Cover with your favorite Bear-Man sauce and keep on the grill just a little longer until the sauce heats up.

General Use of Bear-Man Tummy Rub:
When using the Tummy Rub as a dry rub (also known as a dry marinade) just sprinkle it on the meat, or rub it into the meat, at least one hour before cooking. For best results, apply the night before and refrigerate. When using the Tummy Rub as a seasoning, the sky is the limit! We’ve given you some recipes on this page, but don’t stop there. Try it on or in almost anything you can imagine, like on popcorn or pizza, in stews, soups, cream sauces, etc. Add it to ranch dressing for an awesome veggie dip or kicked up salad dressing with a southwestern flare!

For grilled vegetables: spray vegetables with cooking spray, then season with Bear-Man Tummy Rub. The vegetables can be skewered or cooked in a vegetable grilling pan (has holes in it). Grill over indirect heat (heat on one side, meat on the other). Grill for approximately 15 minutes or until crisp-tender and lightly charred.

General Use of Bear-Man Sauces:
With our sauces, we use the term “dipping sauce” mostly because there’s never enough sauce on the meat when it comes off the grill—so just heat up some extra for dipping!

Black Bear Boogie Barbecue/Dipping Sauce:
Excellent on any chicken, pork or wild game - and goes especially well with beef. See our recipes for Boogie Joes, Boogie Burgers, and the meatball recipe. Can also be used as a condiment (instead of ketchup) on our Tummy Rub Roasted Potatoes and more.

Growlin’ Grizzly Barbecue/Dipping Sauce:
2007 NASFT Silver winner for Outstanding Cooking Sauce! Excellent on chicken, pork or wild game, but also on fish and shrimp. Makes a great chicken wing sauce too.

Sap-Happy Golden Bear—A Maple Sauce:
2008 American BBQ Association Bronze Winner! You can drink this one right from the bottle! Especially good on any chicken or pork, but lots of people enjoy it on salmon too. Heat it up and pour over baked brie or cream cheese, serve with crackers. Add it to your stir fry too!

We hope you’ll have fun cooking with our products! Enjoy!!!

Pork Chops with Bear-Man™ Sap-Happy Golden Bear (Maple Sauce)

General cooking instructions for baking, microwaving (or grilling) your favorite meats:

Bear-Man™ Boogie Joes or Grizzly Joes

Bear-Man™ Tummy Rub Oyster Crackers

Bear-Man™ Tummy Rub Corn

Meatballs with Bear-Man™ Tummy Rub
and Bear-Man™ Dipping Sauce

Roasted Potatoes and Sweet Onions
with Bear-Man™ Tummy Rub