You’ve made my husband’s weekend! He’s going to get his Bear-Man barbecue and is already talking about who he can invite over to enjoy it with us. Everyone at our house loves your stuff. Looking forward to being a longtime customer!

-Karen C., Canandaigua, NY

I love the sauces and the rub. I live in Juneau, Alaska and purchased them at the hospital gift shop. My wife was having a baby and I went in to buy some flowers, but I came out with the BBQ sauce and rub (and flowers). I never would have expected to find such a great product at the hospital, but I was glad that I stopped in. Thanks for making me look like a great cook, but it’s all in the sauce.

-Michael C., Juneau, Alaska

The "Tummy Rub" is the bomb. Living in the south I have tried almost every type of rub available and even tried to concoct my own blend of spices, but never with success. While visiting my sister on Grand Island, she gave me a bottle of the "Tummy Rub" to try. Try I did, use it, I do. This rub is excellent! What I find most appealing is that the taste of the spices come through and not all the flavor of salt, as in the other rubs. I use it on all types of meats. I recently used it to make blackened steak and it had to be the best I ever had. You may now add me as one of your loyal customers.

-Barry Ballester, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I just wanted to share a story with you guys from this past weekend. My buddy was getting married in Plattsburgh, NY and the morning of the wedding, we (groomsmen) all ventured to the local Perkins on Route 3 (i think was the road). In the parking lot was the "Bear-Man" trailer. Instantly, we all just started yelling BEAR-MAN (in a deep voice). Inside the restaurant, we started looking at all the customers trying to find the "Bear-Man." After we left, the “Bear-Man" was an instant classic and was the "theme" to our wedding. We already got a shirt idea for the groomsmen that I am currently making to represent the wedding night. Next, at the wedding, we all posted with both hands making claws and giving out "Bear-Man" faces. Also while we were drinking our glasses of beer, we took "Bear-Man" sips (which is basically chugging the beer) and were suppose to create a "Bear-Man" drink out of various liquors, but that slipped out mind. That is in the process. Finally, we remixed a song to incorporate the "Bear-Man" into it. The song is "Party like a Rockstar." However, we renamed it "Party like a Bear-Man" and did a growl after the chorus. All in all, it was an awesome night and one that we would never forget, mainly because of a "Bear-Man" trailer in the parking lot. I am going to purchase some seasoning off of you just to show our appreciation for the great night. You now have a customer for life!

-Yutz aka Mike

"I am addicted to Bear-Man™ Sap-happy sauce. It has a taste all its own that adds an extra zing to almost any food. I like to pour it over cream cheese and dip crackers. My favorite is dipping chicken or ribs but I even put it on my potatoes, mashed or baked. Just can't get enough!"

-Kansas City Barbeque Society Judge Tim Phillips

"Hi Bear-Man, Just a note to tell you we did 12 racks of ribs and used "Black Bear Boogie", for a reunion of 22 people on Wednesday, and all agreed that they were the best ever. Keep up the good work."

- George and Adele

"Dear Bear-Man, We stopped at your booth last weekend at the ADK Living Show in Lake George, picked up a bottle of rub, and used it on sweet corn we boiled, buttered and tossed on the grill with your rub to finish. Out of this world! I look forward to shopping your website at Christmas for gifts. Many thanks!"

- Cheers, Brian

"I like to try different BBQ sauces, and while on vacation in upstate New York, I 'discovered' your products at the Adirondack Museum. I bought the Black Bear Boogie and Growlin' Grizzly sauces and tried them both that very evening. I must say that your sauces are exceptional. So much so that my wife even liked them!! Now that's saying something! I just thought you'd like to know that your reputation is spreading, as I'm using the sauces at home in Oklahoma now each time we grill, and especially when we have company. Keep up the good work."

Brian White